10-day vignette for Austria

The 10-day vignette for Austria is a perfect option for those who plan to use Austrian motorways and expressways for up to 10 days. A vignette is a form of mandatory toll payment that finances the maintenance of toll roads. This requirement applies to vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of up to 3.5 t.

The electronic vignette system was implemented by the Austrian government in 2018 and proved to be much more efficient than traditional stickers. To get a 10-day Austrian vignette online, you should only complete a simple form using your information, cover the fees, and get your order confirmation via email.

You can buy an Austrian vignette for 10 days that is either valid immediately or becomes valid on another date chosen by you in the form. It will be electronically linked to the vehicle’s registration number.

The fine for not having a valid vignette in Austria varies from 65 EUR to 120 EUR.

How to buy a 10-day vignette for Austria

It is unproblematic to obtain a 10-day vignette for Austria online. Just prepare your working device with an internet connection and follow the steps below:

  1. Fill out an electronic form. Provide the necessary data (your vehicle’s registration number, country, toll class, and your contact details) and choose the validity period and start date.
  2. Make the payment. You need to cover the fees using one of the available options (Klarna, PayPal, debit/credit cards).
  3. Check your inbox. The confirmation of your order will be delivered via email.

You do not need to make a hard copy. The 10-day Austrian vignette is digitally connected to the customer’s vehicle plate number.

The validity period

When using our services, you can skip the standard 18-day waiting period and purchase a 10-day vignette for Austria that becomes valid immediately after confirming the order.

Alternatively, you can select a later validity start date in the calendar. In that case, your vignette will be valid for 10 days from the date chosen in the form.

This can help you buy a vignette that will ideally suit your travel plans.


All vehicles with a maximum weight not exceeding 3.5 t must have a valid digital vignette electronically connected to their registration plate number. It is easily checked: there are dozens of cameras all over the country controlling the vignette usage through the online toll system. Drivers may also be stopped for a control check by the Service-und Kontrolldiesnt (also known as SKD).

Those who fail to present the proof of purchasing a vignette for Austria will be fined. Keep in mind that you still need a 10-day Austrian vignette even if you use the country’s roads only for a few hours. The fine for not meeting the requirement is 65 EUR for motorbikes and 120 EUR for cars.

Exceptions to the mandatory vignette usage in Austria

The Austria vignette is not required for vehicles with a weight over 3.5 t. Instead, such vehicles must have installed a GoBox system automatically calculating the toll based on the distance driven.

Moreover, under the Federal Roads Toll Act from 2019, there are four roads exempted from the Austria vignette requirement:

  • A1 Westautobahn – the road between the border at Walserberg and the Salzburg Nord junction
  • A12 Inntalautobahn – the road between the border at Kufstein and the Kufstein-Süd junction
  • A14 Rheintal/Wlagau Autobahn – the road between the country at Hörbranz and the Hohenems junction
  • A26 Linzer Autobahn – the road under construction


What is a 10-day vignette for Austria?

A 10-day vignette for Austria is a document confirming the toll payment for using the country’s expressways and motorways. It is required for most vehicles weighing under 3.5 t.

Where to obtain a vignette for 10 days in Austria?

You can buy an Austrian e-vignette for 10 days via our website or a sticker in one of more than 6,000 outlets. Note that it is easier and takes less time to make an order online.

How to get an Austrian 10-day vignette online?

To buy an Austrian 10-day vignette online, you need to provide your information in the form, make the payment, and receive a confirmation via email. The entire process only takes a few minutes.

Are there fines for driving in Austria without a vignette?

Yes. Drivers using toll roads in Austria without a valid vignette will be penalized. Cameras present in the entire country scan the vehicles passing through the highways and check if their license numbers are associated with valid vignettes in the system. The fine for driving without a vignette is 65 EUR for motorbikes and 120 EUR for cars.

Do I need to print my e-vignette confirmation?

No. The Austrian vignette for 10 days will be electronically connected to your vehicle’s license plate number, so you don’t need to additionally provide a paper copy. Still, you may make a paper copy to be safe in case of technical issues.