Bosruck Tunnel Toll Online

General information about the Bosruck Tunnel

The Pyhrn motorway (A9) is considered as one of the most essential routes in Austria that leads through Slovenia and Croatia. On the way, there’s a 5.5-kilometer-long Bosruck Tunnel, where drivers must pay a special fee (in addition to the motorway vignette).

The toll is paid per trip, but it is also possible to obtain an annual permit.

Bosruck Tunnel has two tubes; the first one was constructed between 1980 and 1983, and the second from 2009 to 2013. Renovation started in 2015, and both tubes are now open to drivers.

The tunnel is treated as the safest in Europe, which is an additional advantage.

Before you decide to use a route, including the Bosruck Tunnel, check all the official information. Some maintenance or accidents may occur, so prepare beforehand.

Austrian tolls in the tunnels

It is good to know that Bosruck Tunnel is not the only tunnel that requires purchasing a permit. These constructions are not easy to build and maintain, so it is necessary to cover the fee, as the collected money will help preserve them.

You also need to obtain a permit while driving through the following tunnels: the Gleinalm Tunnel, the Tauern Tunnel, or the Karawanken Tunnel.

Tickets can be bought without problems online, and only three steps are required: filling in the form, covering the fee, and waiting for the email with confirmation. It is simple and straightforward.

The newest information about the Bosruck Tunnel

The Bosruck Tunnel was expanded on 15 September 2023. Now, all lanes inside are 2.3 meters wide, which solves the problem of congestion.

Also, the general orientation of the tunnel was improved, so now drivers can easily get to the proper road.

Optimization and green marking extension on the lane are additional benefits.

How much is the Bosruck Tunnel toll

The price of the ticket for the Bosruck Tunnel depends on the number of trips (one, two, or numerous) and vehicle type (car, motorcycle, or camper). You can check the cost during the process of getting a permit.

Besides, remember about obtaining a vignette for Austrian motorways and expressways. All drivers of vehicles with a total mass below 3.5 tons must have proper documents to travel without problems.

How to bypass the Bosruck Tunnel

You can bypass the Bosruck Tunnel and pick a different route excluding it. In this case, it is necessary to avoid country roads and to drive at a low speed.

This option means your trip will be longer, more demanding, and costly.

The outside roads are not as attractive as motorways and expressways in Austria, so it is recommended to pay for a vignette and enjoy the journey without inconvenience.

Note that driving without proper permits will result in a fine. The camera systems and patrols will easily detect those without a vignette and impose a financial punishment.


Do I need to buy a ticket on the Bosruck Tunnel?

If you plan to use the Bosruck Tunnel, you must pay a toll. To purchase a permit, you only need to fill in the form, cover the fee, and wait for the email with confirmation. It’s that simple and intuitive.

Is a vignette necessary on the motorways and expressways in Austria?

Drivers of vehicles up to 3.5 tons must have a vignette on the motorways and expressways in Austria. Those without a permit will be punished by a financial penalty, so be aware of that and prepare beforehand.

Is it possible to bypass the Bosruck Tunnel?

Yes, but this option is not recommended. It elongates the route, so the costs are higher. The best option is to pay a toll electronically via the website, which is simple and quick.

Can I use Bosruck Tunnel now?

Yes, the Bosruck Tunnel can be used, as it is not currently undergoing maintenance. However, check all the newest information on the official website to know more and be up-to-date.

Which tunnels require purchasing a ticket in Austria?

Drivers who want to use the following tunnels in Austria must obtain a permit earlier: the Bosruck, the Gleinalm, the Arlberg, the Tauern, and the Karawanken.

Which lane can I use if I already paid the Bosruck Tunnel toll?

You can use the marked lane if you have already obtained the permit for the Bosruck Tunnel. Thanks to that, the journey will be faster. Also, you can use other lanes (besides the one marked as “GO”).