Felbertauern Tunnel Toll

Felbertauern Tunnel, located in the Austrian Alps, connects the Tauern and Felber valleys. It is 5.2 km long and has only one tube. If you plan to use this passage, you need to cover a special toll.

You can do it only in a local toll booth, as the tunnel is managed by the private owner, not by an Austrian infrastructure company.

Currently, the prices for a permit are as follows: 13 euros for a car and 12 euros for motorbikes. It is possible to pay with a credit card, MAESTRO bank card, or in cash.

What is more, those who want to see the situation on the Felbertauern route can use official webcams, which provide information about traffic, weather, temperature, and current events.

This is a convenient option, as you can know what is happening on the roads and adjust your trip accordingly.

How to pay for the Felbertauern Tunnel toll online?

Currently, it is not possible to cover the Felbertauern Tunnel toll online. As the route is managed by a private owner, you may pay for a permit in the local booth situated at the southern portal.

You can use a credit card, a MAESTRO bank card, or cash.

Many tunnels in Austria require purchasing an additional vignette besides the regular one needed on motorways and expressways. When the sections are controlled by the ASFINAG (Austria’s road infrastructure corporation), it is usually possible to pay the fee online in three simple steps: provide information in the form, pay the fee, and wait for approval.

However, it is not possible in the case of the Felbertauern Tunnel.

What are the alternative routes to the Felbertauern route?

Tauren motorway and its tunnel may be a good alternative for drivers. Still, it is important to know that it requires Austrian vignette and an additional permit to pass the tunnel.

In the case of Felbertauern, you pay only for driving through a tunnel. The route is also a scenic one, so it is good to consider it.

Closures of Felbertauern Tunnel

Sometimes, the Felbertauern Tunnel is closed, so check the latest information on the official website before the trip. This may happen due to avalanche risk, accidents, and other factors.

The good news is that it’s very simple to bypass the tunnel and continue the journey, as there are alternative routes.

Can I ride through the Felbertauern Tunnel on a bike?

It is permitted to use bikes on the Felbertauern Tunnel, but it may be challenging, as there are no dedicated lanes. Besides, it is not a safe option because of the galleries that protect the spot against avalanches.

Remember that you can’t cross the tunnel on a bicycle; a special shuttle must be used in this case. The trip costs 30 euros for up to 3 people. The shuttle activities when you call a special phone number and wait for its arrival.


Do I need to pay a toll on the Felbertauern Tunnel?

Yes, a special permit is a must-have if you want to use the Felbertauern Tunnel. You can only purchase it in the local booth. It is not possible to do it online, so keep that in mind.

How can I pay the toll for the Felbertauern Tunnel?

You can pay the Felbertauern Tunnel toll in cash or with a credit card/MAESTRO bank card at the local booth. Note that online purchase is not available at the moment.

Is the Felbertauern Tunnel closed now?

The tunnel is open now, so drivers may use it. However, it’s recommended to check the newest information on the official website, as it may be temporarily closed due to factors related to avalanche risk, maintenance, accidents, and others.

Do I need to cover the toll on the B108 in Austria?

The Felbertauern route (known as the B108) is generally free of charge. Only Felbertauern Tunnel requires purchasing a special permit.

Which tunnels in Austria require paying an additional fee?

There are a few tunnels in Austria where paying a toll is necessary. It includes Bosruck, Gleinalm, Arlberg, Tauern, and Karawanken Tunnels. You can obtain permits for driving on these sections online via a simple process.

How long is the Felbertauern Tunnel?

The Felbertauern Tunnel is approximately 5.2 km long. Note that you need to pay a fee to use it. You can pay at the station at the south portal of the tunnel.