Gleinalm Tunnel Toll

Details about the Gleinalm Tunnel in Austria

The Gleinalm Tunnel is a part of the A9 expressway (Pyhrn Autobahn), connecting Leoben with Graz-Umgebung. The toll tunnel section measures 8.3 kilometers and has two tubes, allowing for an uninterrupted passage between the regions.

Interestingly, it is estimated that up to 40,000 vehicles enter the tunnel each day.

Due to heavy traffic, the Gleinalm Tunnel is considered one of the sections requiring regular inspection. Because of that, the Austrian authorities decided to implement an additional toll that must be paid to use the passage.

You are also required to have a regular vignette.

If you drive a vehicle up to 3.5t, you are obliged to purchase a toll sticker or a digital vignette for Austria.

Heavier vehicles, such as trucks or buses, should use a distance-based GoBox system. Remember about the vignette requirement under the penalty of a pricey fine.

About 100 kilometers further from the Gleinalm Tunnel is the Bosruck Tunnel. This passage is also subject to road tax payment.

For 114 EUR, you can buy an electronic online vignette for both tunnels – it will remain valid for an entire year.

Vignette requirement in Austria

It is essential that you have a valid vignette if you plan on driving a vehicle under 3.5t on the national expressways and motorways in Austria. You can buy a toll sticker at petrol stations or special kiosks, but it is also possible to purchase a digital vignette for Austria online.

Vehicles with a total permissible weight of over 3.5t (trucks, buses, coaches) must also cover the toll road tax. Instead of a vignette, the drivers should use the GoBox system. First, install a GPS device on board. Then, pay the fee calculated based on the traveled distance.

Vignette requirement for Gleinalm Tunnel

In order to use the A9 expressway in Austria, you must cover a suitable road tax. However, an additional fee payment is required to pass through the Gleinalm Tunnel. You can pay for the passage at entry ports near the road section, but it is much easier to do it online via our website.

The green tunnel lane for drivers with a digital toll is fast and barrier-free.

If you do not want to pay extra for the Gleinalm Tunnel, you can bypass this road section – take the S6 motorway towards Bruck and then change the route to the S35 motorway.

Prices of the Gleinalm Tunnel toll

  • One-way ticket – 11,50 EUR
  • Two-way ticket – 23,00 EUR

How to buy Gleinalm Tunnel toll online

If you want to buy the Gleinalm Tunnel toll online, complete a simple purchase procedure via our website. The process could not have been easier. All you need to prepare beforehand is a working electronic device with a stable connection to the internet.

First, complete the registration form with essential details about your vehicle, such as license plate number and category. Then, cover the suitable fee using a credit card, debit card, or an online payment service.

You will receive an approval notice straight to your e-mail address.

There is no need to print out the confirmation, as all the data about your vehicle and its toll validity will be stored online. What is more, with a vignette for the Gleinalm Tunnel, you can pass the road section via a special green lane (designated for digital toll users).

Is Gleinalm Tunnel open for drivers now?

Yes, you can use the Glainalm Tunnel while driving through the A9 expressway in Austria. There was maintenance work performed in 2023, but now the passage is open to everyone.


Do I need to pay a Gleinalm Tunnel toll?

Yes, you must buy a Gleinalm Tunnel toll if you want to use the passage. Covering the fee payment is mandatory as you will otherwise not be allowed entry to the toll tunnel. You can cover the toll at entry points to the tunnel or fo it online beforehand.

How can I buy a Gleinalm Tunnel toll ticket online?

The online purchase of the Gleinalm Tunnel toll is fast and uncomplicated. Once you fill out the registration form with the required information and cover the mandatory fee payment, an approval notice will be delivered to your e-mail address. It is that easy!

How can I buy a Gleinalm Tunnel toll on the road?

If you forget to buy the suitable Gleinalm Tunnel toll online, you can make the purchase on the road. Before entering the tunnel, obtain the special toll at the kiosk near the entry point. Keep in mind that it may be essential to wait in a queue.

Do I need to buy a regular Austrian vignette?

Yes, you are required to have a valid vignette if you are going to drive on Austrian toll roads. To avoid stress, you can buy the digital vignette before the trip. You will find the details on our website, where you can register your vehicle in the Austrian online toll system.

How are vignettes controlled in Austria?

If you fail to obtain the required vignette for Austria, you risk getting a hefty fine. Apart from an extensive camera system that scans all passing vehicles, additional control checks may be performed by SKD officers. The fine is up to 3,000 EUR.