Katschberg Tunnel Toll

General information about Katschberg Tunnel

Tunnels are very common in Austria, as the country lies in a mountainous region. One of them is the Katschberg Tunnel. As the maintenance of these sections of the roads is expensive and problematic, drivers who use some tunnels, such as Katschberg, must pay an additional fee.

The purchase of an Austrian special permit can be intuitive and quick if you do it online. You only need to prepare a device with an internet connection and a valid means of payment. Then, fill in the form, cover the fee, and wait for the email with confirmation. Remember to check the provided details twice, as mistakes may lead to further inconveniences.

The Katschberg Tunnel, opened in 1974, is 5.9 kilometers long. As it is the most essential connection, traffic jams are common there, especially during weekends or holidays. Sometimes, the tunnel may be closed, so check all the information available on the official website before your trip.

What you should know about the Tauren Motorway

A vignette is a must-have for drivers who want to use motorways and expressways in Austria (in case of vehicles up to 3.5 tons). The payment also applies to the Tauren Motorway (A10). This section is considered the most important connection in north-south Austria, as it links Salzburg and Carinthia and crosses the Alps. The motorway has many tunnels, including Katschberg.

It is good to know that road maintenance in mountainous regions is challenging, which usually means that additional fees apply. In addition to a vignette required on the motorways, you may need to pay a special toll to pass through the tunnels.

Important: Traffic jams and blockages are very common in the Katschberg Tunnel. To grant safety, some measures are taken that can be annoying for drivers, but it is necessary.

About Katschberg Tunnel toll

Drivers who travel from Austria to Slovenia, Balkan countries, or Italy will probably choose a Tauren Motorway that leads through the Katschberg and Tauren Tunnels. In this case, an additional toll must be paid besides an Austrian vignette needed on the motorways and expressways in the country. Remember about the required permits during your trip. Otherwise, you have to pay the fine.

According to the ASFINAG, the following prices for the permit on the Katschberg Tunnel apply:

  • Single route ticket: € 13,50
  • Multi-trip card: € 81,00
  • Multi-trip card for commuters: € 13,50
  • Multi-trip card for drivers of vehicles for the disabled: free of charge

How to pay Katschberg Tunnel toll?

There are several options for buying a permit for the Katschberg Tunnel. You can obtain it online on our website; the process is intuitive and simple. Just complete the form by providing the necessary information, cover the fee, and wait for an email with confirmation.

There is no cooling-off period, so you can use a permit immediately. However, to avoid further inconvenience, remember that your details must be correct.

Furthermore, you can get a ticket directly from the official site, but in this case, you must wait 18 days before using the tunnel. You can also purchase a permit at the special toll booth.

Penalties for driving without a vignette in Austria

The toll roads in Austria are monitored by patrols and the newest camera systems. It means that all the drivers without proper permits will be punished by a fine that can be costly. To avoid such a scenario, you must purchase a valid vignette. The process is simple and intuitive, so it won’t take much time.

Why you should buy a permit for the Katschberg Tunnel

The permit must be obtained by the drivers who use motorways, expressways, and certain road sections, including some tunnels, in Austria. Raised money enables maintenance, which can be challenging due to the mountainous environment. Remember about the necessary documents that must be prepared before the trip. Otherwise, you risk a fine.


Is a permit necessary in the Katschberg Tunnel?

If you plan to use the Katschberg Tunnel, you need an additional permit besides the necessary vignette on the motorways/expressways. You can purchase it online within a few minutes, which is very convenient.

How can I pay for the Katschberg Tunnel toll online?

You have several options for purchasing the permit for the Katschberg Tunnel. The most convenient option is to do it online by providing the information, covering the fee, and waiting for approval. You can also find the sales points and obtain a permit there.

What are the benefits of an online ticket for the Katschberg Tunnel?

There are many advantages of a permit for the Katschberg Tunnel; you don’t need to look for the sales points, you can get a it from the comfort of your home, and receive approval via email. Also, there’s no need to print out the permit, as it can be downloaded on a mobile device.

Where can I purchase a vignette for the Tauren Motorway?

The Austrian vignette for the Tauren Motorway can be purchased online via a simple process where you need to share information in the form, cover the fee, and wait for the email with confirmation.

What are the penalties for driving without a vignette on the Austrian motorways?

Drivers without valid vignettes on the motorways and expressways in Austria will be punished with financial penalties. Also, those who don’t have permits necessary for some road sections (such as the Katschberg Tunnel) will be forced to pay the fine.