Landecker Tunnel Toll

Information about the Landecker Tunnel in Austria

The Landecker Tunnel is one of the shorter toll road tunnels in Austria. This single-tube tunnel is almost 7 kilometers long, allowing for a fast passage through the area. It is a part of the A12 expressway, usually chosen by drivers heading to Tyrol or onwards to Switzerland.

Contrary to popular toll tunnels in Austria, you do not need to cover any additional payment to use this passage. Everything you should do is pay the respective road tax for using the A12 expressway.

A vignette is obligatory if you are driving a vehicle weighing less than 3,5t.

The vignette requirement has been imposed on the drivers to collect money that will fund repairs of the paid highways. As these routes are used by a large number of travelers, they are prone to faster damage.

The collected money is then used for the maintenance work.

According to the Austrian ASFINAG, the Landecker Tunnel may be temporarily closed in the near future. The company is planning to refresh this road section after over 20 years since it was open to the public. More updates on the subject are not yet available.

Vignette requirement in Austria

All vehicles with a total weight of up to 3,5t are obligated to have a valid vignette for Austria. The requirement applies to both passenger cars and motorcycles.

Without paying the toll, the drivers cannot legally use Austrian motorways and expressways.

If your vehicle weighs more than 3,5t (bus, coach, truck), you should utilize the GoBox system. Install a special measuring unit on board and enjoy the ride through Austrian toll roads.

At the end, the device will calculate the due payment based on the traveled distance.

Vignette requirement for Landecker Tunnel

Luckily for the drivers, there is no additional toll payment for using the Landecker Tunnel. Although most tunnels in Austria are subject to extra fees, this one is an exception. If you do not want to pay any fee, it is also possible to bypass the passage via another route.

Before travel, make sure that you have a valid vignette. Paying the suitable toll road tax is essential to use the A12 expressway problem-free.

Currently, you can purchase an Austrian vignette for 10 days, 60 days, or an entire year (depending on your travel plans).

Vignette fees for the Landecker Tunnel toll

If you would like to use the Landecker Tunnel in Austria, you should buy a regular Austrian vignette. You are obliged to pay the toll if you are driving on the A12 expressway. Depending on the duration of your travel, you can choose one of the following:

  • 10-day Austrian toll – 15.50 EUR / 19.50 EUR
  • 60-day Austrian toll – 39.50 EUR / 49.00 EUR
  • 1-year Austrian toll – 88.00 EUR / 129.00 EUR

How to buy an Austrian vignette online

Use our intuitive website to buy the mandatory Austrian vignette. The purchase process is fast, uncomplicated, and effortless. For the preparations, you only need a working device connected to the Internet. You can pay the toll without leaving your home.

First, complete the registration form with your personal contact details and more information about your vehicle (license plate numbers, category).

Then, use a credit card, debit card, or an online payment service to cover the fee. Check your e-mail inbox regularly because the purchase confirmation will be sent to you electronically.

There are many advantages to choosing the digital vignette over the toll sticker for Austria. There is no need to stick the vignette to your car, so the vehicle remains clean. Moreover, by buying the vignette prior to the trip, you can stay focused on the journey, not the formalities.

Is Landecker Tunnel currently open?

The Landecker Tunnel on the Austrian A12 expressway was closed for some time as it had to undergo maintenance work. The ASFINAG group decided that the passage needed some minor repairs to ensure the greatest safety of travel. It is open for all drivers now.

This toll tunnel may not be available for drivers for some time in the near future. Although ASFINAG did not post any official statement on the subject, travelers suspect that in 2025 the Landecker Tunnel may be closed for major renovations.


Do I need to pay a separate toll for the Landecker Tunnel?

If you have bought a vignette for Austrian expressways and motorways, you do not need to pay any additional fee to use the Landecker Tunnel. It is an exception among Austrian toll tunnels, which usually cost extra.

How can I buy an Austrian toll ticket online?

You can buy an Austrian toll online via our website. We provide an intuitive registration form, accept various payment methods, and ensure assistance in case of any questions. You will receive the confirmation via e-mail.

Is it possible to buy an Austrian toll sticker on the road?

It is possible to buy an Austrian toll in the form of an adhesive sticker. You can find it at toll shops, petrol stations, kiosks, etc. You must place it correctly on your vehicle’s windshield; wrong placement can result in a fine.

Is it possible to bypass the Landecker Tunnel?

If you are planning to omit toll roads in Austria and do not want to pay for the vignette, you can bypass the Landecker Tunnel. You can take the L76 road alongside Inn River. But keep in mind that this route may take more time.