Motorcycle vignette for Austria

Austria has a vignette requirement that applies to vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of up to 3.5 t, including motorcycles. Austrian Vignette serves as a source of financing for the maintenance and construction of toll roads in Austria.

Drivers should pay tolls before using Austrian expressways and motorways. Vignettes are mandatory all over the country, except for a few road sections. They are also required when transiting to Italy or entering Austria from another country.

There are cameras all over the country monitoring vehicles.

They check the vehicle’s license plate numbers since digital vignettes are electronically connected to them in the online toll system. If you use the toll roads without having a valid vignette, you will be penalized with a 65-EUR fine.

How to get an Austria vignette for motorcycles

You can buy either an adhesive or a digital vignette for motorcycles in Austria. The adhesive one can be bought at sales points near the borders or gas stations, but keep in mind that there are long queues, especially during holidays. Moreover, you need to attach your vignette sticker to a non-replaceable, easily accessible part of your motorcycle.

However, it may be difficult to remove it, as stickers often leave a glue residue or scratches on the windscreen.

Alternatively, you can buy an Austrian e-vignette for motorcycles. It is a much more convenient option for a number of reasons. First of all, you do not have to wait in sales points lines – electronic vignettes can be obtained from any place with internet access.

Furthermore, they are registered in the database of ASFINAG, so vignettes are linked to your vehicle’s license plate number electronically.

Digital vignettes for motorcycles can be purchased in a straightforward way online. All you need to do is fill out a short form on our website with your contact details and vehicle information (plate number, country of registration, etc.), cover the fees, and receive the confirmation via email. You are not obliged to make a paper copy, but you can still prepare a printout just in case.

The validity period of the Austria vignette for motorcycles

If you buy an e-vignette for motorcycles on our website, you can omit an 18-day waiting period, so you are able to receive a valid vignette immediately. It is up to you to decide if you want the one that becomes valid right away or set a validity start day.

Also, there are several types of Austria vignettes according to the validity period – for 10 days, 60 days, or 1 year. All of that allows you to buy a vignette that will suit your travel plans in the best possible way.

Austria vignette toll for motorcycles

The vignette fee for motorcycles in Austria depends on the chosen duration of the validity period:

  • 10-day vignette – 15.50 EUR
  • 60-day vignette – 39.50 EUR
  • 1-year vignette – 88.00 EUR


Which vehicles must have a vignette in Austria?

In Austria, vehicles under 3.5 t entering motorways and expressways must have a valid vignette. Vehicles whose maximum permissible weight exceeds 3.5 t must have installed a Go Box system instead.

How can I buy an Austria vignette for motorcycles?

You can buy adhesive Austria vignettes at physical stores, gas stations, or border crossings. You can also purchase an e-vignette for motorcycles online via our website.

How to obtain an Austrian motorcycle vignette online?

To obtain an Austrian motorcycle electronic vignette, you need to provide the required data in the form, select the necessary type and validity period start date, make the toll payment, and get a confirmation email.

What is the validity period of an Austrian vignette for motorcycles?

Drivers in Austria can choose between three types: a 10-day, a 60-day, or a 1-year vignette. Note that when making a purchase via our website, you can avoid the 18-day waiting period and receive a valid vignette immediately.

Do I need to attach an Austria vignette to my motorcycle?

Yes, if you buy an adhesive vignette for Austria, you must attach a sticker to your motorcycle. Still, remember that you may face such issues as glue residue or windscreen damage when removing the sticker. However, a digital vignette eliminates the need to attach a sticker: it is electronically connected to the vehicle’s license number.